We help everyone doing a large funding project find funding

<p>If you have anything you are working on that is over 1 million dollars we can help.</p>

Hospital Funded – 15 mill

Our partners just funded a hospital that was looking to build a new wing. All they did was contact us

10 Sep 18 admin

We are Large Business Funding

Hospitals, Apartment complexes, Movies, Skyscrapers....anything large is our specialty.

Movie Funding

Have a film your working on but need funds to finish it?

Lease Back Finance

(Wind, Solar, Bio-Mass, Hydropower, and Geothermal).  $25M Minimum; for both USA and International projects.


This program offers an approach to acquire an existing profitable business.  The business must have gross annual sales of $8-10 million (USD).


Gold mines, energy reserves, precious metals and gems, rare coins, museum-quality antiques, art works, fine jewelry, automobiles (collector and high-end cars), airplanes, and boats.